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Newsport Photographic Competition

August 2015 competition is now OPEN

The theme for August is PEOPLE. As usual the OPEN category is still available. Good luck!

July Shortlist

The theme for July was PALM TREES.  Voting for 'Most Popular' will open shortly on our Facebook page. Email us at your favourite if not on Facebook.



Karen Baxter, (THEMED) Palm Trees at Four Mile
Glenda Gordon (THEMED) Palm Tree Sunset
Taliesha Caswell (THEMED) sunsets
Diane Lymbury, (OPEN) Sail Away at Sunset

July 2015 competition is now CLOSED


The theme for July was PALM TREES.  Voting for 'Most Popular' will open shortly on our Facebook page. Email us at your favourite if not on Facebook.

June 2015 Winners

Winner Most Popular OPEN Category - Di - Frogs
Winner Most Popular THEMED Category - Patrick Byrne - Stormy Palms
Winner Best Photo - Panel - Di - Road to Cairns 1
Runner Up Best Photo - Panel - Ian Waldren - Clouds 3
Editor's Mention - Barbara Lavis - Rain tumbling down
Editor's Mention - Billie-Jo Alexander - Sunset 1

VOTING for June 2015 competition is now CLOSED

The June theme was WEATHER

Di - Themed - Road to Cairns 1
Di - Themed - Road to Cairns 4
Di - Open - Frogs 3
JODI - Themed - Sunset 1
Sylvia Harrison - Themed - Wet & Misty
Mark Thatcher - Open - Blue dragon fly sitting on rock
Billie-Jo Alexander - Themed - Sunset 3
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Rainbow reflection
Ian Waldren - Themed - Clouds 1
Brett Sprunt - Open - Mossman Jackfruit
Brett Sprunt - Open - High Falls Farm
Di - Themed - Road to Cairns 2
Di - Open - Frogs 1
Di - Open - Koala
Sylvia Harrison - Themed - Barron Falls on a wet & cloudy day
Mark Thatcher - Open - Cow and beautiful sunset at Tolga
Billie-Jo Alexander - Themed - Sunset 1
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Raindrops
Patrick Byrne - Themed - Stormy Palms
Ian Waldren - Themed - Clouds 2
Vicki Sampson - Open - Shells of North Queensland
Di - Themed - Road to Cairns 3
Di - Open - Frogs 2
JODI -Themed - Sunset 2
Sylvia Harrison - Themed - Smithfield on a Cloudy, Wet Day
Mark Thatcher - Open - Sunset at Tolga
Billie-Jo Alexander - Themed - Sunset 2
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Rain tumbling down
Patrick Byrne - Open - Coffee Palms
Ian Waldren - Themed - Clouds 3
Brett Sprunt - Open - Dinner at Thala Beach Resort

May 2015 Winners

Winner - Most Popular Open - Brett Sprunt
Winner - Most Popular Themed - Andrew Wyatte
Best Photo Winner - Panel Vote - Clowns - Patrick Byrne
Best Photo R/UP - Panel Vote - Sitting Goat - Glenda Gordon
Editor's Mention - Carnivale - Cathy Ford
Editor's Mention - Carnivale - Patrick Byrne


May's theme was 'CARNIVALE'



Cathy Ford, Themed, Carnivale Float 1
Glenda Gordon, OPEN, Sitting Goat
Andrew Wyatte, Themed, Carnivale 2015
Patrick Byrne, Themed, Carnivale
Patrick Byrne, Themed, Carnivale
Glenda Gordon, Themed, Carnivale
Cathy Ford, Themed, Carnivale Float 2
Glenda Gordon, OPEN, Out camping
Brett Sprunt, OPEN, Mossman Golden Orb
Patrick Byrne, Themed, Carnivale
Patrick Byrne, Themed, Carnivale
Glenda Gordon, Themed, Carnivale
Trevor Ford, Themed, World Esky Races
Andrew Wyatte, Themed, Carnivale 2015
Patrick Byrne, Themed, Carnivale
Patrick Byrne, Themed, Carnivale
Glenda Gordon, Open, Poking my tongue out
Glenda Gordon, Themed, Carnivale

April 2015 Winners

Please check the prizes page for your prizes. Kinly contact Alessandra on 4099 5122 and she will send you your prize.


Winner - Most Popular THEMED - Trudy Erdmann - Gulljacked
Runner/Up - Panel - Trudy Erdmann - Gulljacked
Editor's mention - Rosie Wang - In the Inlet
Winner - Most Popular OPEN - Emily Silverstone - Walk this way
Editor's mention - Di Lymbury - Moored in the tropics
Winner - Panel - Catheron Allen - Tinny
Editor's mention - Sue Ralston - Old Sea Dogs

April 2015 - VOTING CLOSED

Winners and Runners up results will be posted shortly



Richard Hopper - Row row row your boat
Ian Stobbs - Wake
Ruth Ross - Tinnie and Cargo Ship
Sue Ralston - Old Sea Dogs
Rosie Wang - Themed - In the Inlet
Rosie Wang - Themed - Boat parked outside Yacht Club
Taleisha Caswell - Themed - Marina
Emily Silverstone - Open - Walk this way
Di Lymbury - Themed - Moored in the tropics
Julie Doswell - Themed - Boating in style
Patrick Byrne - Open - Happy Easter!
Richard Hopper - Behind the Web
Patrick Byrne - Anzac Day is Entering the Consciousness
Safron Ealden - Rapids
Trudy Erdmann - Gulljacked
Rosie Wang - Themed - View across the marina
Richard Hopper - Open - Inside of a fan shell
Patrick Byrne - Open - Worker
Emily Silverstone - Themed - Steaming into the GBR
Di Lymbury - Themed - Tropical Marina
Patrick Byrne - Themed - Come see us soon
Katrina Muller - Themed - Boys in the boat
Catherine Allen - Tinny
Richard Hopper - Colours of the Region
Safron Ealden - Wallaby
Trudy Erdmann - Tau Ceti
Rosie Wang - Themed - On Tallarook afternoon sail back from Low Isles
Jeni Maxwell - Open - My Gorgeous Puppies
Patrick Byrne - Open - Going for it
Di Lymbury - Themed - Tourist Paradise
Julie Doswell - Themed - Boats Port Douglas Inlet
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Rhapsody of the Seas
Katrina Muller - Themed - North of Morning Reef System

March 2015 Winners!

March 'theme' was COLOURS. Winners will be notified shortly!



Panel Winner - Ian Waldren - Water droplet
Most Popular - Themed - Richard Hopper - Fragility
Editor's Mention 1 - Di Lymbury - Drawn to he Tropics
Panel R/up - Patrick Byrne - Back on the Reef
Most Popular - Open - Taliesha Caswell - Untitled
Editor's Mention 2 - Brett Sprunt - Copperlode Hibiscus

March 2015 - Entries Open

Newsport's Best Photo Competition round for March closes tomorrow afternoon 31 March. Voting will commence then via the Newsport Facebook Page.

March Theme is COLOURS



Patrick Byrne - Themed - Afternoon Delight
Ian Waldren - Themed - colour in the mangroves
Ian Waldren - Themed - water drop abstact
Di Lymbury - Open - Drawn to The Tropics
Richard Hopper - Open - The Mighty Barron
Richard Hopper - Themed - Shell Fish
Richard Hopper - Themed - Cyclone Lily
Di Lymbury - Themed - The Colour Red
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Just hanging around
Brett Sprunt - Themed - Copperlode Hibiscus
Nikia Duncan - Themed - Burst of orange
Patrick Byrne - Themed - Back on the Reef
Ian Waldren - Themed - Green for boys red for girls
Sarah Curtis - Open - Mossman Gorge after cyclone Nathan
Taliesha Caswell - Themed - Sunsets
Catherine Allen - Themed - carefree Port pool days
Richard Hopper - Themed - Boxes Of Rust
Julie Doswell - Themed - My Tropical Garden
Di Lymbury - Themed - Rainbow Lorikeet Feeding
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Disc rainbow
Glenda Gordon - Open - Kite Surfing at Oak Beach
Taliesha Caswell (12) - Themed - Rainforest & Lorikeets
Patrick Byrne - Themed - Red Hot
Ian Waldren - Themed - Oil droplet refraction
Glenda Gordon - Themed - A mob of hungry parrots having breakfast
Taliesha Caswell - Open - Untitled
Lorna de Quervin - Open - Cape Tribulation
Richard Hopper - Themed - Fragility
Di Lymbury - Themed - Raindrops Reflecting Colours on Web
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Beautiful Peacock
Barbara Lavis - Themed - Black cockatoo tail feathers
Glenda Gordon - Open - Habitat Hallie
Taliesha Caswell (12) - Open - Untitled

February 2015 - Panel Winners

Selected by our panel of sponsors

Winner - Patrick Byrne - A well travelled nut
Editor's Mention 1 - Ian Waldren - After the storm
Editor's Mention 3 - Richard Hopper - Sunflower Surprise
R/Up - Shay Bourne - Lines
Editor's Mention 2 - Glenda Gordon - Cruise

February 2015 - Most Popular Winners

Voted for on Newsport Facebook Page

THMEME was Sea & Beach

Winner Most Popular - THEMED - Photo: Ian Waldren
Winner Most Popular - OPEN - Photo: Glenda Gordon

February 2015 - Entries

The February theme was Sea & Beach.



Glenda Gordon - Mob of Kangaroos (open)
Brett Sprunt - A Pause for Reflection (themed)
Brett Sprunt - Port Douglas from Cooya Beach (themed)
Julie Doswell - Four Mile Beach (themed)
Taliesha Caswell - Clear As! (themed)
Patrick Byrne - Beach Life (themed)
Shay Bourne - Don't Kick the Jellyfish (themed)
Shay Bourne - Train Lines (open)
Stephanie Riopelle - Mossy Turtle
Barbara Lavis - Dragon Flower (open)
Shernya Wessels - Crystal Clear Christmas Eve (open)
Ian Waldren - Going Down (themed)
Richard Hopper - Lily Interior (open)
Brett Sprunt - Cooya Beach (themed)
Brett Sprunt - Thornton Beach (themed)
Nikia Duncan - Digging for Trouble (themed)
Glenda Gordon - Cruise (themed)
Shay Bourne - Along the Sea (themed)
Shay Bourne - Lines (open)
Shay Bourne - Washed Up (themed)
Taliesha Caswell - Marina Sunset
Ian Waldren - After the Storm (open)
Ian Waldren - Beach Dweller (themed)
Ian Waldren - Thornton Beach Shower (themed)
Richard Hopper - Sunflower Surprise (open)
Brett Sprunt - Marine Mediation (themed)
Catherine Allen - Four Mile reflections (themed)
Taliesha Caswell - Beach Needles (themed)
Patrick Byrne - A Well-travelled Nut (themed)
Shay Bourne - Cairns Beach (themed)
Shay Bourne - Steam Train in Cairns (open)
Stephanie Riopelle - Gentle Giant
Jan Drenth - Sailing Away (themed)
Shernya Wessels - Beautiful Bay (open)
Ian Waldren - Deep Breath (themed)
Julie Doswell - Contemplative

Winners: December 2014 & January 2015

Panel Winner - Di Lymbury, Tropical Beauty
Most Popular Winner (Themed) Pam Hunter - Mossman Gorge, Christmas Day
Editor's Pick 3 - Patrick Byrne - This nut looks perfect Indiana
Panel R/U - Richard Hopper, Rising Lilly
Editor's Pick 1 - Steve Sherwell - Sunset over Reef Marina
Most Popular Winner (Open) Shay Bourne - Sunrise Boating
Editor's Pick 2 - Taliesha Caswell - Untitled

December 2014 & January 2015 Entries

Glenda Gordon - Grasshopper having lunch (open)
Mark Thatcher - Ravenshoe Wind Power (open)
Nikia Duncan - Search for Shade (open)
Katrina Caswell, Magical green (open)
Ian Bland, Selfie Butterfly in Kuranda (open)
Safron Ealden, Untitled 3 (open)
Di Lymbury, Freshwater (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 1 (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 4 (open)
Taliesha Caswell, Untitled 3 (open)
Patrick Byrne, Happy days (open)
Shay Bourne, Sunrise boating (open)
Shay Bourne, Cooya Beach (open)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 3 (themed)
Kahleana Stannard, Baby curlews (open)
Barbara Lavis - Hanging Around the Flame Tree (open)
Hallie Jenkins (Age 8) - Baby Koala Drinking (open)
Glenda Gordon - Honeysucker on Wet Flower (open)
Brett Sprunt - Green Tree Frog (open)
Richard Hopper - Lily Rising (open)
Katrina Caswell, Crystal Squares (open)
Safron Ealden, Untitled 1 (open)
Les Dawel, Sunbird at Wonga (open)
Di Lymbury, Seeing Double (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 2 (open)
Taliesha Caswell, Untitled 1 (open)
Pam Hunter, Mossman Gorge Christmas Day (themed)
Patrick Byrne, The giving of nut (open)
Shay Bourne, Tall trees (open)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 1 (themed)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 4 (themed)
Susanne Stannard, Scrub Python (open)
Barbara Lavis - Oriole In The Flame Tree (open)
Mark Thatcher - Blacktip Reef Shark (open)
Brett Sprunt - Osprey Feeding (open)
Steve Sherwell - Sunset Over Marina (open)
Barbara Lavis, Peahen mother and chicks (open)
Safron Ealden, Untitled 2 (open)
Di Lymbury, Christmas Tree with a Difference (themed)
Di Lymbury, Tropical Beauty (open)
Kathy Nahrung, Untitled 3 (open)
Taliesha Caswell, Untitled 2 (open)
Patrick Byrne, The joy of nature (open)
Patrick Byrne, This nut looks perfect Indiana (open)
Shay Bourne, The rocks (open)
Shay Bourne, Feative season 2 (themed)
Sheryl Wright, Curlew and chicks (open)
Barbara Lavis - Feeding Time (open)
Barbara Lavis - Lagoon at Night (open)
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