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1. Mossman Golf Club Mossman Golf Club’s January Monthly Medal Stroke Competition 2018-01-08 It was New Year’s bliss for John Cameron who won the Mossman Golf Club’s January Tuesday Monthly Medal Stroke Competition 68 Nett on a C/B (count back) to Adam Lucas with 68 Nett and in 3rd Rick Herschell with Nett 70.

NTP’s – Bill Allison on 6, Dale McKay on 8, John Carney on 10, Ian Johnson on 13, Wayne Christensen on 17.

Wednesday’s Nine Hole stableford was won by Rod Donovan with 19 points. NTP’s – Rod Donovan

Mossman Golf Club’s Ladies January Thursday Monthly Medal Stroke Competition was won by Pricilla Freeman with Nett 72; in 2nd Shirley Carney with Nett 75 on a C/B to Shona Barbour Nett 75 in 3rd.
NTP’s – Julie Galbraith on 6, Elizabeth Green on 8, Jo Constantine on 10, Shirley Carney on 13.

Friday’s Nine Hole Mossman Golf Club Chook Run was won by Luke Dwyer 19 points.
NTP’s – Brendon Wood.

Saturday’s Mossman Golf Club Men’s January Monthly Medal Competition was won by Bill McCarthy with Nett 70; in 2nd Warren Bishop with Nett 72 and in 3rd David Heron with Nett 73 on a C/B to Charlie Kadic in 4th.
NTP’s – Charlie Kadic on 6, Casey Dunne on 8, Geoff Parmenter on 10, Daniel Hober on 13, Adam Lucas on 17.

Saturday’s Mossman Golf Club Ladies January Monthly Medal was won by Jo Constantine with Nett 73; in 2nd Judy McCormack with Nett 74 and in 3rd Shona Barbour Nett 75.
NTP’s – Shona Barbour on 6, Shona Barbour on 13.
Putting Competition was won by Julie Hooker.

Mossman Golf Club Sunday Competition was won by Michael Lancaster with 34 points.
2. Mossman and District Rifle Club Mossman & District Rifle Club Weekly Meeting. F Class and Full Bore Target Rifle 2017-12-16 57bc69e67b.jpg
F Class:
Wayne Walsh 60..4, 63.2 = 123.6 from a possible 126

Target Rifle:
Charlie Forster 50.5, 52.3 = 102.8 from a possible 105
Rick Mischlewski 47.3, 52.3 = 99.6 from a possible 105
Lothar Ross 47.6, 47.1 = 96..2 from a possible 105
Neil Attwood 46.1, 47.1 = 93.2 from a possible 105
Chris Tsang 39.1, 48.1 = 87.2 from a possible 105
Saturday 16th December presented good conditions, clear blue skies with an occasional gentle breeze although an aggressive mirage didn't distract Wayne Walsh as the only participant in F Class on the day. Charlie Forster from Cairns in Target Rifle came out slightly ahead on the day (taking into account mixed category scoring overall) by a whisker, with Rick Mischlewski coming home in a dead heat with Charlie in the second round of the shoot. The 600 metre mound didn't deter Lothar Ross with Neil Attwood snapping at his heels and Chris Tsang also improving in his second round of eleven.

All in all a good day for the final meeting for the year. The next meeting will be Saturday January 13th 2018. All visitors and guest shooters welcome. Mossman and District Rifle Club would like to wish all a Merry Christmas with good tidings and blessings, with a prosperous 2018 to all.

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