NT mum offers cash reward for ‘irreplaceable’ wedding rings


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Emma Kennedy (right) with her son, Jack, and sister, Kit, are looking for her missing weddings rings on Four Mile Beach. IMAGE: Newsport.

A Northern Territory mum is offering a $1000 reward for a set of ‘irreplaceable’ wedding rings she lost on Four Mile Beach yesterday.

Emma Kennedy was wading inside the swimming enclosure when she noticed her wedding and engagement bands were missing. In a cruel twist of fate, it was the day of her fourth wedding anniversary with husband, Leigh.

“The rings mean a lot to me and have a beautiful story,” Emma said.

“They are antique, ethically minded diamonds and pink rubys, and our nickname for each other is actually Ruby.

"They also had four little diamonds in them because we were aiming to have four children.”

Emma was joined by her sister, Kit, and sons Jack, 3, and Patrick, 1, as they scoured the beach for the rings today. They’d already sourced a metal detector and will offer the reward on an ongoing basis such is their determination to recover them.

“I live in the Northern Territory and my family is from Melbourne so we meet in Port Douglas every year,” Emma said.

“It would mean the world to me if I could get them back. Even if they are not found straight away, maybe someone might find them long after our holiday has finished.

“They hold huge sentimental value and really are irreplaceable.”

The rings are made from sustainably sourced, recycled material from a reputable jeweller in Adelaide. The engagement ring is white gold with a tiny diamond.

If you believe you can help in the search for Emma’s rings, or have found them, please contact Newsport.

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