Duo nabbed over Far North crime spree


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Police have charged two men in relation to a number of crimes allegedly committed between and Cairns and Cooktown. IMAGE: Supplied.

TWO men have been charged following investigations into a series of property related offences between Cairns and Cooktown during the past fortnight.

The pair, aged 18 and 20 from Mareeba and Edmonton, were arrested at a Hopevale residence at around 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon and transported to the Cooktown Police Station.

They were each charged with 22 offences comprising multiple counts of burglary, unlawful use of motor vehicles, stealing, entering premises and stealing, fraud and entering a dwelling with intent.

The charges relate to offences allegedly committed at Cooktown, Mareeba, Mount Molloy, Palm Cove and Cairns between August 16 and 26.

Both men are scheduled to appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court later this morning.

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