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SMILING SAM: Local butcher Sam Rogers is a well known member of both the Mossman and Port Douglas communities. IMAGE: Newsport.

PORT Douglas butcher Sam Rogers has always had a thing for food.

“I always enjoyed being able to craft it with my hands,” he explains.

“I just loved to cook and play around with food, and becoming a butcher just evolved from that. I knew it was what I wanted to do.”

After working at the local IGA as a youngster, Sam began his apprenticeship with Sugarland Meats in Mossman when he was 16.

Now the head butcher at Malone’s Butchery in Port Douglas, the 31-year-old has been providing the Douglas Shire with the best cuts of meat for almost 15 years. Yet forming relationships with people is what he adores most about his job.

“I’ve never looked back,” Sam said with a smile.

“I really have come up the ranks as being the local butcher. I’ve met so many people; I can’t walk anywhere without knowing someone, which is the aspect I really love about the job.

“To have been a butcher in both Mossman and Port Douglas and know everyone in both towns is pretty special. A lot of people are coming into the shop to have a yarn; meat is almost the secondary thing."

Take a walk through the Port Village Shopping Centre along the Malone’s Butchery shop front, and you’ll see exactly what he’s talking about. The place is a hive of conversation between smiling customers and their local meat specialists.

“A mechanic might fix your car and send you on your way, but we have a genuine relationship with our customers,” Sam explains.

“They’re not only coming in to ask how they should cook their meat, but just to say hello.

“I filleted a bloke’s fish today who has been coming here on holidays for four years. He just enjoys coming in for a chat, and I fillet his catch for him.

“That's what I love.”

And what is the butcher’s favourite cut of meat? “For me, rump steak,” he says with conviction.

“It’s a bit on the tougher side due to the texture, but it has so much flavour. It’s not as flash as a big rib fillet or eye fillet, but I find the flavour hard to beat.”

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