Opening date postponed at Cairns Aquarium


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Water issues have forced the delay of the Cairns Aquarium opening for a fifth time this year. IMAGE: Supplied.

THE Cairns Aquarium opening date has been pushed back again due to salt water systems that are not maturing as quickly as hoped.

It is the fifth time this year the aquarium has been forced to postpone its anticipated opening. The new launch date is now September 19.

“Every closed system aquarium around the world experiences this issue as they, like us, are at the mercy of the water chemistry, and there is no positive outcome in rushing this or taking shortcuts because it comes at the cost of the animals health," Senior Curator Ramon Barbosa said,

Cairns Aquarium general manager Julie Cullen said staff had been working 'virtually around the clock' the past fortnight to have the life support systems operating and the water chemistry at an optimum level to introduce the animals.

"Opening on September 19th will ensure that Cairns Aquarium is stocked to appropriate levels with additional animals being introduced each week as the water continues to stabilise," she said.

"The extra time allows the curatorial team to source additional animals and make the Oceanarium even more spectacular for opening day.

"To open without the stars of the show, the sharks and large marine animals, we run the risk of disappointing our guests."

Cullen said ticket holders will be contacted directly and be offered an exclusive pre-opening viewing.

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