One of the ‘idiots of the century’ fined for croc trap tampering



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Four men can be seen inside a baited crocodile trap in Port Douglas last year. IMAGE: Supplied.

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ONE of the men photographed climbing inside a crocodile trap in Port Douglas last year has been fined.

Four men were seen interfering with a trap in Dicksons Inlet last October after it was deployed to remove a problem crocodile in the area.

Images of the incident went viral on social media, prompting Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu say the men were vying for ‘idiots of the century awards.’

The incident occurred only days after an eldery woman was taken by a croc in the town.

Following an extensive investigation, the man was charged with four offences, including interfering with or damaging a crocodile trap.

He pleaded guilty to all of the charges and was fined $1800 in Caboolture Magistrates Court last month. A conviction was recorded.

“These traps are specifically designed to attract crocodiles and they are deployed in places where a problem crocodile is known to be present,” Queensland Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch said.

“It is extremely dangerous to interfere with a crocodile trap, regardless of whether or not there is a crocodile inside.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that interfering with crocodile traps is potentially life-threatening.

“It also places the general public at risk if the trap is tampered with in such a way that the trap no longer works, which hampers the ability of the Department of Environment and Science to deliver its important public safety role.”

Ms Enoch said the outcome of the investigation is a reminder to the community that tampering with croc traps ‘is not only dangerous but illegal.’

“It should go without saying that if a crocodile trap has been deployed it is because there is a crocodile in the vicinity that needs to be removed, so the best advice would be to leave the trap alone and exercise Crocwise behaviour.”

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