WATCH: Port Douglas snorkelers get a treat on reef


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Watch the video below. IMAGE: Supplied.

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SNORKELERS on Quicksilver’s Poseidon 24-metre snorkel and dive catamaran were provided with a lifetime treat this week, when a curious 3-4 year old juvenile humpback whale decided he wanted to be part of the snorkelling group.

At the time, Poseidon was moored at Helms Deep reef site at Agincourt Reef two.

Skipper Dan Hill said “the level of curiosity was extreme which I have not seen before and he made at least 20 passes.”

Poseidon diver Liam Platt was in awe. “This whale seemed to be even more curious than a minke whale. This is a once in a lifetime event for someone who spends every day on the reef.”

Crew in the water kept the snorkelers in a tight group as the whale swam around for 20 minutes.

Humpbacks are generally seen on the Great Barrier Reef between the months of June to September with regular sightings at the Outer Reefs.

Humpback whales regularly migrate from Antarctic waters along the east coast of Australia every winter to the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef to breed and calve. They are easily identified by having extremely large pectoral fins and scalloped flukes.

They grow up to approximately 16 metres in length, weighing in at 30-50 tonnes. Male humpbacks produce “songs”, which are believed to attract females at mating times.


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