Daintree Ferry closed as river flooding causes chaos



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FORGET IT: With flooding and peak tides on the Daintree River, the ferry is not operating. Image: Supplied.

The Daintree Ferry remains closed to traffic as high tides and swift flowing water put ferry operations in danger.

The ferry was closed at 6.30pm yesterday and remains closed to traffic, as heavy rain and high tides have caused flooding along the Daintree River.

A large tree is also blocking the road near Thornton Beach and access to Daintree Village is also cut with the road at Barratts Creek flooded.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting the next high tide for the area at around 1.30pm today with the tide peaking at 2.68 metres.

According to the BOM, the Daintree River levels peaked just below the major flood level of nine metres late Wednesday afternoon.

The river level is currently at 8.45 metres and remaining steady and the river at Daintree Village is expected to remain above the moderate flood level of six metres until later this afternoon.

The Low Isles Lighthouse recorded 93.6mm of rain between 9.00am Wednesday, 26 December and 9.00am this morning.

Operators will continue to assess the viability of ferry operations as the water levels in the river fluctuate.

The next update will be at 6.00pm and the ferry is expected to remain closed until then. 



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