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Mossman Woolworths will not be asking its staff to pack shelves on Christmas Day.

This comes in light of Woolworths requesting state government permission to ask its staff to pack shelves on Christmas Day in NSW, sparking a row with the union representing retail, fast-food and warehouse workers.

“No, this won’t be happening in Mossman,” said Woolworths Store Manager Kiley Brown.

Woolworths said it was seeking the permission to be ready for its Boxing Day shoppers and had requested five hours so they could replenish their shelves.

Meanwhile, Port Douglas and Mossman Woolworths customers can help make a difference by purchasing a 50 cent token in the OzHarvest Christmas Appeal until Christmas Eve, to provide a meal for Australians in need.

With more than four million Australians experiencing food insecurity and many charities providing food relief reporting they could take double the food to meet demand, hunger is a serious national issue.

The OzHarvest Christmas Appeal at Woolworths hopes to raise more than $1 million nationally to assist in delivering more food to over 1,300 charitable agencies.

Supplemented by regular donations of fresh produce from Woolworths stores across the country, customers who purchase a 50 cent meal token at Woolworths Mossman or online will be helping OzHarvest to deliver a meal to someone in need.

“At Woolworths Mossman, we understand that Christmas is a time to focus on family, friends and the local community.

“By simply donating 50 cents by purchasing an OzHarvest Christmas Appeal token, we can all make a difference together and play a vital role in helping feed an Australian in need,” said Brown.

Customers can purchase an OzHarvest 50 cent meal token when shopping at any Woolworths store or online until 24 December 2018.

Customers can place their name on any token once purchased, and take it home or put it on display at Woolworths Mossman.

Last year, the Woolworths OzHarvest Christmas Appeal received an overwhelming response raising over $1 million for the food rescue organisation, providing two million meals for Australians across the country.

Woolworths has partnered with OzHarvest since 2015 to help reduce food waste by providing surplus fresh food from their supermarkets to Aussies who would otherwise go without.



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