Crocodile snatches pet dog from Port Douglas lake


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The crocodile can be seen with a pet dog in its mouth at a residential lake in Port Douglas. Watch the video below. IMAGE: Supplied.
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A PET dog was taken by a large saltwater crocodile at a residential lake in Port Douglas last night.

A father and son were walking the dog off a lead around Ferndale Lake at 6pm when a 2.5-3m crocodile snatched the animal from the waters edge.

Shocked onlookers then watched the crocodile swim off with the dog in its mouth.


It’s believed to be the same crocodile rangers have been trying to capture by using a floating crocodile trap already in place at the lake.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are preparing to use alternative methods to catch the croc following last night’s incident.

“The father and son watched the whole thing,” Senior Sergeant Damien Meadows said.

“We strongly recommend that people don’t utilise that area until this crocodile is caught.”

Man saves dog from jaws of crocodile in Port Douglas
Dogs are common prey for crocs: Wildlife boss

The dog, a large Bullmastiff, had entered the parkland from the Ulysses Street end when it was grabbed by the croc. It initially broke free before being taken under.

A dog was last killed at the lake in 2016 when a similar sized animal attacked a pet labrador.

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