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VALENTINE’S Day, the day that love is celebrated in Port Douglas and around the world, is actually named after ‘Valentine of Rome’, later called ‘Saint Valentine’.

He was executed for the crime of performing weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry. The idea of courtly love started in the 14th century and was later developed in 18th century England when St Valentines Day became the day to celebrate love and send greeting cards. 

So why the February 14? This date was originally a pagan fertility day and it was also between 13th to 15th that the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. This involved the men sacrificing a goat and a dog, then whipping women with the hides of these animals.

According to eye witnesses at the time they were ‘drunk and naked’ - not a state to be replicated on Valentines Day in Port Douglas! Young Roman women would actually line up for the men to hit them, believing it would make them fertile – not quite the version of two people ‘hitting it off’.

This festival also included a matchmaking lottery where men and women’s names were drawn from a jar and coupledom then ensued for the duration of the festival – or longer, if so wished.

This was realty TV in true realty! Here in Port Douglas, Valentine’s Day is a little more civilised. With restaurants serving fine food (no dog or goat in sight), refined drinking choices and retail shops offering a wide range of wonderful gifts.

Here are some ideas of how to enjoy your Valentine Day in Port Douglas:


There’s nothing that brings couples together more than sharing an indulgent spa experience.

Niramaya Spa is an elegant Bali style tropical designer spa surrounded by jungle flora and fauna. Here, you will be massaged, soothed and plunged into a decadent and sensuous Valentine experience that you both will never forget.

Your heavenly treatment, massage and spa will last 90 minutes, after which you will both relax and reconnect in a private tropical rainforest bath with candles. Even your taste buds will tingle with indulgent pleasure as you finish your pamper journey with a celebratory French champagne and chocolates.


Don’t worry about sending ‘boring’ flowers on Valentine’s Day. Local florist, Floral Edge, puts a fancy capital ‘F’ in ‘Floral’ and offers a wonderful selection of imaginative variations. 

With names like “Total Babe”, “Be My Babe”, “She’s a Keeper”, “Lover Lover”, “Tres Chic” and “Amor Eternal” you certainly will be able to convey your message succinctly in a wonderful floral arrangement.

Accompanying the flowers, depending on your choice, are candles, soaps, French champagne, fine wine and doughnuts. There’s even one for your man that comes with manly tropical flowers accompanied with craft beer, nuts and chocolates (additions can include Duke’s doughnuts, fine wines and French champagne). Order online and they can deliver to Port Douglas and surrounds (allow 2 working days).


There’s nothing more romantic than feeling like you are both actors at the happy ending of a tear-jerker movie. You will both star in the final scene as the hero and heroine sail away hand in hand into a tropical sunset on a luxury yacht where they lived happily ever after.

Be warned, this stunning sunset cruise comes with its own hazard warning. After 28 “spontaneous” wedding proposals on board Sailaway, they are well equipped to deal with all cases of VDRO (Valentine’s Day Romantic Overload).


A way to any woman’s heart is through her body. There’s nothing quite like getting one’s nails polished, having a massage or a facial or throwing away the razor and having a professional wax. If a woman feels more beautiful – then they are more beautiful!

She will love you when you give her a gift voucher offering a choice of treatments and massages for a fraction of the price. She won’t know where to start! From waxing, to tanning, nail treatments to facials and massages, eyelash enhancements to eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

Beauty treatments are offered by Enhanced Beauty and Massage as part of Far North Training & Consultancy. It is an ideal service where their advanced students, under the supervision of their trainers, offer top quality services and treatments at affordable prices.

Vouchers start from only $10 and for $15 you can buy a full spray tan. A $20 voucher is just perfect for a beauty makeup and makeover before you take her out for dinner. A full 90 minute massage is only $60, that will leave her feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and de-stressed and ready to face the world anew.


When you wish to show your love in a way that won’t wilt or be devoured by digestive juices nothing endures like jewellery.

A beautiful piece of jewellery will serve as a lasting reminder of your love and uphold a gift giving tradition that stretches back through time.

Wicked Willies in Port Douglas – opposite the iconic Iron Bar – is the town’s favourite jewellery shop. Walk through their doors and you are transported into a treasure trove of sparkling gems and precious metals.

Choose unique and stunning jewellery made with Australian gem stones to express your love. Prehnite – the stone of unconditional love– assists in the bonding of relationships, balances energy flow, brings joy, ecstasy and brings clarity to the heart and mind. Rhondite - the stone of emotional balancing which nurtures love, stimulates the heart and the heart chakra.

For more traditional jewellery they have wonderful pieces in Amber and a wide selection of pearls (with a 25% off discount offer).

They also stock ‘man jewellery’ with thick silver rings and chains and leather woven wrist bands.

* See below for some of the many gems you'll find at Wicked Willies


There’s nothing quite like sitting in a tropical paradise with the one you love, head down to Rex Smeal Park and find yourself surrounded by the glistening waters of the Coral Sea, cooled by the tropical breeze and shaded by majestic palm trees. Watch the passing boats with their majestic sails silhouetted against the rising peaks of the mountains behind.

If you fancy more of a beachy vibe, have your picnic on Four Mile Beach and shelter under the auspices of spreading palm leaves. If you are at the northern end near town, you can swim in the nets and have a romantic bathe together in the warm waters of the Coral Sea.

Pack some grapes so you can feed each other and remember ‘Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate’.


There’s nothing like being active together in paradise.

Explore the Flagstaff Hill walking trail. This 1.5 km trail will lead you around the most scenic parts of Port Douglas from Rex Smeal park to Four Mile Beach. Along the way you will find a spectacular viewing platform that stretches out over the Coral Sea with magnificent views to Low Isles, Snapper Island and the Daintree Rainforest. Perfect for the double selfie Valentine’s Day Instagram shot!


Why not make your loved one a tasty cocktail that you can sip by your pool.

Cotton Candy Champagne:
This simple cocktail has all the fluffiness and luxury to ensure that you will be celebrating your love with frivolity and fun!

In a glass, add a pouf of cotton candy. Pour in 4 oz of Champagne. Garnish with a smaller pouf of cotton candy for a cloud-like effect.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day...Cheers!

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