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The Douglas Theatre Arts Group (DTAG) is in dire need of a horse – not the four-legged kind, but someone who can fill the role of Noah “Horse” Simmons in the stage production The Full Monty.

And DTAG president, Michael Kerr, said this is a very distinctive role and a three-month search has failed to produce anyone to play the part.

“The role of Horse, who considers himself and is a Big Black Man, and sings a funky song of that title, also has unique characteristics.

“He is in the 50-year-old age group and has a dodgy hip, but still capable of busting a move. His hip-hop days are over, but he most certainly can still get down with the funky chicken.

“If there is anyone out there who believes they meet the requirements, I would love to hear from them,” said Kerr.

The Full Monty begins its run in April at The Clink Theatre and rehearsals are in full swing and Kerr said we need to find the Horse in a hurry.

Call Michael on 0432 987 442 if you feel you fit the part.

Do you anyone who could play the part of Horse? Let us know in the comments below!

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