Douglas shoppers ‘train the brain’ ahead of plastic ban


Howard Salkow

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IGA Port Douglas manager Simon Fraser dumps a plastic bag and displays a re-usable one which will be mandatory from July 1. IMAGE: Howard Salkow - Newsport

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IT'S a case of out with the unwanted plastic bags and in with the re-usable and recyclable bags as the state government mandates this significant environmental move from July 1.

And supermarket chains such as IGA in Port Douglas have been ahead of the game and for the past three weeks have provided their consumers with a number of options: bring your own bags, purchase a re-usable bag from the store for 15 cents or not use a bag.

“We have had an excellent response and for the most part our customers have endorsed the change,” said Simon Fraser, IGA’s manager.

“It’s also going to be a case of ‘train the brain’ which means remembering to bring a bag when you go shopping. I think after a few weeks, consumers will get used to the concept.

“It’s been a huge of success in Adelaide over the past few years and there is every reason to believe it will be a success here,” he said.

The state government is also reminding retailers they face hefty fines if they break the ban and use plastic bags from July 1.

“Whether you’re a farmer’s market stall holder, run a local fish and chip shop, a supermarket or a larger chain of shops, the ban applies to you,” Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch said today.

Queenslanders use approximately one billion plastic shopping bags a year, and around 16 million of them end up as ugly and potentially destructive litter, polluting the environment.


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