Port Douglas golfer’s 'highly unusual situation' shocks the world


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This photo of Port Douglas golfer Susan George's ball has had the world talking. IMAGE: Facebook.

A RULING on a Port Douglas golfer’s uncanny situation at the Mossman Golf Club has reached the top echelon of the golfing world.

A picture uploaded to Facebook of Susan George’s ball being denied by a twig has compelled the sport’s peak body to make an official ruling.

The R&A, based at the famous 'Home of Golf' at St Andrews in Scotland, said it was the first time they’d seen the predicament in more than 30 years.

The USGA and Golf Australia also can’t stop talking about the 'viral' incident which has been dubbed #Twiggate.

“The putt was probably 25 to 30 foot, and the ball just stopped,” Susan told Newsport.

“I was like ‘hang on a minute’ it didn’t drop in. The ball just stayed there.

“We posted the photo on Facebook and it went viral. We can’t believe the reaction it has had.”

The irony, however, is that it happened on the practice green.

Susan and her partner Troy Cox, a former PGA tour golfer, had finished playing nine-holes when they decided to work on some putting.

"I hadn't been hitting them very well so we decided to putt a few balls at the end of our round," she said.

"Troy had still never seen it before in his life."

The ‘highly unusual situation’ sparked friendly banter amongst professionals, weekend hackers and sports broadcasters across the globe all eager to learn the state of play in such a freak occurrence.

“People probably tend to think in golf that every situation has already been contemplated and the rules cover it, but it’s pretty common for things to get to The R&A and the USGA that just have not happened before,” said Golf Australia's Director of Rules, Simon Magdulski.

“That’s one of the unusual features of our game."

So what was the ruling?

“The R&A is a very benevolent organisation, and their view is common sense says the ball is only going to go in one place, and that’s in the hole,” Magdulski told Melbourne’s SEN.

“It was a highly unusual situation."

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