Port’s new burger bar an instant hit


Howard Salkow

Senior Journalist

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(L-R) Owner of N17 Burger Co. Simon MacLeod and and manager Shannon Bender. IMAGE: Howard Salkow -Newsport.
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N17 Burger Co. – the new burger place in town and located at 22 Macrossan Street - is all about wholesome food, but there is also a strong awareness of the environment and philanthropy.

Owner Simon MacLeod, who hails from Kent and is an ardent Tottenham Hotspur supporter, is making every effort to do the right thing and create a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

“Besides only using local products, we do not use any plastics and our coffee cups are compostable cups.

“We are also striving to rid the area across from us of cigarette butts. We recently did a clean-up and we have now placed an ashtray-type bin which the smokers are starting to use,” he said.

N17's flagship beer is the Two Turtles Pale Ale supplied locally from the Barrier Reef Brewing Co - named for its association with the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Proceeds from pale ale beer sales are donated to the centre.

“This is an excellent cause and although we have other beer, our patrons feel good when they have the pale ale knowing that there is a charitable cause attached to it,” said Simon.

Simon chose the name because of its close association with his beloved Spurs who play in the English Premier League (soccer). N17 is a North London postal code for Tottenham High Road. 

“I really wanted something unique and thought long and hard about the name. I am confident N17 will be a popular place as time moves on,” said Simon who opened N17 in March.

N17 is open from 7am to 10pm on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and 7am to 3am on every other day.

His breakfast menu includes the popular full English, bacon and egg roll, smoked salmon and avocado; he has a range of burgers, pulled pork, a vegetarian burger; and also serves chicken wings, fries, chips, cheese and baked beans.

And his staff hail from different parts of the world: Canada, Spain, the UK, Australia and Argentina.         

Have you tried a burger at N17 yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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