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PRESIDENTIAL: Incoming Crocs President Barry Lea and outgoing president Chris Bradsworth. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

The Port Douglas Football Club has welcomed the appointment of their new president Barry Lea.

The appointment comes as former president Chris Bradsworth stepped down to a spot on the board after leading the club for the past two years.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as president but it’s good to be able to step back into a non-specific role and help out the club where I feel my strengths are,” Mr Bradsworth said.

Mr Bradsworth said he was very pleased with what he had achieved with the club in his time at the helm but he knew it was time to hand over the reigns.

“There is a little sadness in stepping back and some mixed feelings but you know when it’s time to take a breather,” he said.

“Blokes like Baz and Dave Evans are more than capable of doing what I’ve done and surpassing it.”

Mr Bradsworth lists items such as the club’s electronic billboard, partnership with Pink in the Tropics, White Ribbon Commitments, the Driver Fatigue Campaign, and the recent back-to-back premierships as his proudest achievements as the Croc’s president.

Incoming president Barry Lea said he has big shoes to fill but looks forward to continuing the community-focused trajectory of the club. 

“I’m really keen to jump straight into this role,” Mr Lea said.

“I have seen the wheels of this club turn very quickly and I’m all for being proactive and continuing on path we have.

“I have been absolutely blessed to work along side Chris the last few years and we work really well together – we are a bit like pepper and salt.”

Originally from Gippsland in Victoria, Mr Lea comes from a community where footy is basically a religion and he brings that passion to the Crocs presidency.

Mr Lea said he can’t wait to build on the club’s previous work and is looking forward to strengthening current and building new community partnerships.

“My aspirations as president are for the Crocs to be a community club first,” he said.

“The connections through the football club reach a significant proportion of the community and I’m hoping with some things, people will be more hands on deck.

“We would like to see some new volunteers come on board, wherever their skills or interests lie - it may be someone who would like to learn something new and we, as a club, can give them employable skills.

“I think of this role like I’ll be the driving the Croc bus and I need more passengers to come on the journey with me.”

As the club plans for the 2019 season, the outgoing and incoming presidents had their own messages for the team members, coaching team, and all connected to the club.

“Keep positive, maintain success, and keep our passion for community,” Mr Bradsworth said.

“Passion plus action equals success – that’s the formula for this club,” Mr Lea said.

Anyone looking to get involved with the Crocs Football Club can contact the club through the Crocs Facebook page or email vicepresident.portdouglasaflgmailcom



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