Fear of Four Mile Beach unfounded says councillor


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Douglas Shire councillor Michael Kerr encourages locals and tourists to continue to use Four Mile Beach. Image: Newsport.


Councillor Michael Kerr today encouraged Port Douglas residents to continue walking on Four Mile Beach despite concerns it is no longer safe.

The Port Douglas-based council representative was responding to reports (by Newsport readers) that since Toyah Cordingley’s body was found on Wangetti Beach on October 22 – along with a general unease – some residents are avoiding the beach.

“There is no need to be scared walking on Four Mile Beach. Unlike Wangetti, there are no sand dunes and there are always people about,” said Kerr.

“I also do not believe Toyah would want to see people no longer walking their dogs on the beach,” he said.

But the concern has been evident for some time and residents, who prefer to remain anonymous, no longer feel comfortable.

“A few weeks ago as I was heading towards the beach (at the Cowrie Street entrance), I saw a man having a shower wearing just his boxer shorts. I found this confronting and decided not to walk on the beach especially after he had made a snide remark,” said a once regular beach walker.

Another said owners of larger dogs did not always have them under control and she found this intimidating.

Another said owners of larger dogs did not always have them under control and she found this intimidating.

“The Wangetti Beach tragedy is clearly in our minds and this is a major factor,” another said.

Port Douglas Police Senior Sergeant Damien Meadows said he disagreed that Four Mile Beach was unsafe.

“First off, the Toyah Cordingley murder was a random act of violence and people need to bear this in mind,” said Meadows.

“From sun up to sun down, there are people on the beach and people should not fear going to a popular beach like Four Mile Beach.

”There are enough people on the beach not to make a mountain out of a mole hill,” said Meadows. 



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