Big changes expected for Port’s ‘most beautiful’ street


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Warner Street in Port Douglas is set for a major upgrade. IMAGE: Newsport.

 - Ratepayers to decide on Warner Street upgrade

THIS is a critical week for the proposed Warner Street upgrade and concerned residents will be keen to hear what the future holds when they meet with the project manager, engineer and arborist at three meetings planned for Thursday.

Last month Council released an Options Analysis report which asked Port Douglas ratepayers to choose between three different options to improve the street between Owen and Grant Streets.

At the time of the release of the report Mayor Julia Leu said the public will influence the fate of the street. 

Based on what direction is taken, improved parking, cycle lanes and large native trees could feature at a Port Douglas boulevard if an essential upgrade is completed, it was reported at the time.

But today, Sandra Simpson, along with her partner Andrew Renwick, who own sheds at 25 Warner Street, expressed concern that the removal of trees would spoil what is regarded as the ‘most beautiful’ street in the town.

“The Council arborist says the trees are diseased. Maybe a couple are looking a little sick, but can you imagine how barren, hot and ugly it would be, considering the buildings which would no longer be camouflaged,” she said.

“They are also trying to blame the trees for this year’s flood. What about the massive rainfall which caused the land slip sending hundreds of tons of soil into the drains?” 


Sandra said Warner Street is regarded by most residents as the most beautiful, shady street in Port and removing the trees should be the last resort.

“We do need more car spaces so what about building a multi-storey carpark on council- owned land in Warner St, Wharf St; or their council depot could be moved.

“Council have never installed proper drainage, pathways or landscaping in Warner St and very rarely removed fallen leaves. Last week, blowing tons of leaves from the roadway landed in ours and our next door’s property.”

Mayor Leu said in a statement today to Newsport that no decision has been made about the Warner St Upgrade Project.

“The project team has organised an opportunity for those, who provided feedback, to talk directly to the arborist, project manager and the consulting engineers from Cardno about the Warner St Upgrade project.

“The plan is to do a walk through on Thursday to provide an opportunity to talk directly to the experts and ask questions.

“Later in the day, the project team will be talking to the residents and traders in Warner Street in small groups, to discuss more specific details related to individual properties,” said Leu.

Leu said a preferred option has not been finalised.

“One of the aims on Thursday will be to gather more information from people as to why they prefer a particular option over another.

“All comments received so far have been passed on to the project team for consideration.

“Project details have been available to the community for several months, including an expert vegetation assessment,” she said.

According to a Council spokesperson, the project team will be on site Thursday 18 October 2018. Three sessions have been proposed:

12 noon: Bolt, Burchill Tranter – meeting room
1pm: Bolt Burchill Tranter – meeting room
2:15pm: 26 Warner Street, Austin Sexton’s Veranda

Douglas Shire Council awarded the contract to infrastructure and environmental services company Cardno for the design and documentation of the upgrade of Warner Street between Grant and Owen Streets.

The design will cover the roadway, streetscape, street lighting, landscaping, shared pathways, cycle lanes, vehicle parking and drainage infrastructure.

Cardno has evaluated different options to create a short list which will be assessed using a range of criteria including engineering aspects, ease of long term maintenance of infrastructure, expected capital cost and the streetscape.

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