Craiglie businesses put brakes on new animal shelter


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A handful of businesses have lodged an appeal against a proposed Paws and Claws animal shelter on Teamsters Close. IMAGE: Supplied.

 - New animal shelter gets the green light

FIVE business entities have waited until the 11th hour to lodge an appeal in the Planning and Environment Court to scupper Paws and Claws’ plans to convert a former printing company into an animal shelter in Teamsters Close in Craiglie.

And although Paws and Claws president Michael Kerr today preferred not to name anyone, he said his committee had absolutely no intention of backing down and believe they have the community’s support to see this through.

“Settlement of the property has already occurred, so the freehold of factory is now in the name of the Homeless Animal Society and Boarding Kennels Inc.

“And in the interim, we will continue to fundraise for the conversion while we wait for the unnecessary legal matters to be completed,” he said.

On September 7, Council voted 3-1 in favour to issue a development permit for the new indoor facility after the applicant had provided an updated and more thorough acoustics report which was accepted. 

“Following the date of notification, any complainants had 20 days to lodge an appeal and from what we can tell, they got in on the last day,” said Kerr.


Kerr said he did not believe the appellants actually understand what we are attempting to build and are living in fear that, what was the old facility, would again appear in a new location.


“Under the laws that are now in place and the conditions that council placed on the property this cannot happen.

“It is disappointing that none of the appellants have contacted us to actually discuss their concerns, so we can work with them to ensure that their fears are put to rest,” said Kerr.

Kerr said his association went over and above to ensure that no other businesses in the estate would be duly affected by the operation of an indoor facility such as this.

“Experienced sound engineers were sourced to give us the exact details of what we would need to do to ensure that we would have a facility for many years to come, and that it would well and truly comply with all legislations required.

“We believe that the Douglas Shire Council also did their due diligence with this application to ensure that this facility would need to comply with all legal requirements,” he said.

A clearly irate Kerr said this is a complete waste of rate payers’ money having to make Council defend its decision; and donated funds to Paws and Claws should be going towards building the facility and not legal fees.

Council confirmed today they had received notification of the appeal.



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