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The talented Tash York brings her acclaimed 'Adulting' show to the Clink Theatre in Port Douglas tonight. IMAGE: Supplied.

ADMIT it, growing up is hard.

If you've ever been engaged at 19 or racked up parking fines worth a house deposit, then like Australia’s rising cabaret star Tash York, you've probably not mastered adulthood.

The self-confessed wine loving, chicken nugget eating, comedy-cabaret darling will appear in Port Douglas tonight with her wildly successful show Adulting

The award winning performance has received a swag of five star reviews, sold out shows across the Australian fringe and comedy festival circuit and received the Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award for Best Cabaret.

York said she was excited to bring it to Port Douglas.

“I live in Melbourne so the beach, 20+ degrees and the people here are awesome,” she told Newsport today.

“My boyfriend worked up here for a while when he first moved here from the UK, so it's kind of become our home away from home.”


Starting with it’s origins on Twitter, the term Adulting has become a huge online trend basically describing or congratulating oneself for doing ‘grown-up things’, says York.

Using autobiographical experiences, York takes a satirical slant on all of the things you just wish you could get together in ‘your own adult life’ including holding down a job, paying your bills on time, cooking dinner and even doing your taxes.

The rising star has paved a lot of her cabaret success from her previous award-winning show These Things Take Wine in Australia, and has appeared in Edinburgh Fringe with her trio show The Desperettes: A Guide to Being a Wingman (2016).

York, who grew up in Brisbane, said the Port Douglas crowd can expect to ‘laugh at life’ tonight at the Clink Theatre.

“Adulting is so relatable,” she said.

“Port Douglas can expect to hear stories about my excessive parking fine debt, obsession with chicken nuggets/wine and how I got engaged at 19... I'm a super adult as you can tell.”



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