Conspiracy theory graffiti destroys candidate corflutes


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TRASHED: Graffiti referencing the conspiracy theory of "chemtrails" has ruined most of the signs along Port Douglas Road. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

A number of candidate political signs were defaced with graffiti reading “chemtrails” over the Easter long weekend. 

While most of the damaged corflutes have been removed, a few have remained standing along Port Douglas Road.

A spokesperson for Leichhardt Labor Candidate, Elida Faith, said the behaviour was disappointing.

“It’s not the kind of thing you want to see and we hope it wasn’t done by another candidate,” the spokesperson said.

Katter’s Australia Party candidate, Daniel McCarthy, described the actions of the person or people responsible as “disgraceful.”

“It’s disgraceful behaviour and it’s a brain-dead numpty that has done it if they were trying to make an environmental statement because those signs now just end up in landfill,” he said.

“It’s also interesting everyone except the Greens’ ones were damaged; I’m not saying it was the Greens that did it but seems like some activist.”

Greens Leichhardt Candidate Gary Oliver said not only is the graffiti disgusting, it can be considered a criminal offence.

“It’s an offence to damage a corflute and I would hope people wouldn’t stoop to to such levels,” he said.

“This needs to be an election on climate change and change in general, not on personally or graffiti or anything that detracts from that. 

“We have no appetite for this, the corflutes are there to identify those who are willing to stand up for people and communities and we just hope communities can affiliate with that person and the values they represent without this kind of behaviour.”

Warren Entsch’s office declined to comment.

“Chemtrails” are a conspiracy theory that claims high-flying aircraft leave chemical trails in the sky for nefarious purposes including mind control, weather modification and biological or chemical warfare.

Since the graffiti attack, most of the signs have been removed or replaced.

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