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Firstly, I would like to thank those readers who took the time to respond to my four ideas. From those responses, I get a sense that there is a mood for renewal.

I would also like to thank Mr Mark Stoermer, the Chief Executive Officer of the Douglas Shire Council for taking the time to meet with me. We exchanged many ideas and Mark listened with an open mind.

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I think, he brings a skillset to the Shire which, perhaps it has not previously had. The Council should take advantage of that skillset and allow Mark to discharge his duties without political interference. 

As I have said previously, renewal of our town is essential.

Not only should the renewal occur in a physical sense, for example, the rejuvenation of Macrossan Street and Four Mile Beach, but also the renewal of our decision-making culture.

It must change from making it difficult to happen to how can we facilitate renewal in a positive and responsible way.

We must have a strong and vibrant Port Douglas town that takes away development pressure on other parts of the Shire which deserve to be protected.

For example, the Daintree. Whether we like it or not, the town survives on tourists, and if the tourists stop coming, then the vacancy signs will continue to increase, infrastructure spending will diminish and the community that relies upon tourism to survive will suffer to its detriment.Let’s establish one vision for our beautiful town but, more importantly, let’s implement it.

Let’s not shelve it like so many other visions in the past. Let’s together renew our town. 

John Cicero, Port Douglas/Melbourne 

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