LETTER | Public toilets causing a stink for marketeers


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Dear Editor,

Most of the stallholders at the Sunday Market feel it is past a joke that the toilet block has taken over three months to be refurbished.

My grief/gripe/complaint is in regard to the pathetic use of portable loos at the Port Douglas Markets on Wharf St.

Why is it taking months to open the Toilet Block?

Week after week there has been no work being carried out at the site.

Especially on one of the busiest days of the year when Port has international and national visitors paying big bucks for accommodation and then having to use stinking, smelly, disgusting potable toilets.

The smell is horrendous; we do not live in a third world country.

I would challenge any one of the current councillors to come and use, or even poke their head inside, one of those toilets anytime on Sunday, say around 10.00am or 11.00am.

Take the challenge wake up and become aware of the situation, please?

Some of those toilets don’t have a trap door to stop the odor coming out and they are all unisex toilets. Meaning guys go in and mess everywhere and then girls go in and have to avoid getting wet clothing.

I would suggest they be cleaned at least every hour on Sunday.

The council cleaner turns up at 6:00am and just hoses them all out and leaves them all wet. Why is it so? We, the people, are not happy.

Steve Cruickshank, Mossman

Note: In a Facebook post, Council noted the repairs to the public toilets on Wharf Street are scheduled to be complete by early May.

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