Roads and coconuts top issues at Mossman Council forum


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The future of the Mossman Mill, utilising the abundance of coconuts for a variety of products and providing improved maintenance of our roads were some of the issues to arise from last night’s Corporate Plan forum at Council Chambers in Mossman.

Facilitated by Council CEO Mark Stoermer, the poorly attended meeting was told that to date 780 responses had been received from the survey and the hope is that it would reach 1,000. The survey deadline has been extended to 15 April.

Despite the small number, there was lively discussion and some of the issues raised included:

  • Council was challenged to concentrate on the basics such as fixing roads and making sure it is done properly;
  • Economic Development is seen as a state government function and not Council’s role;
  • The shire could have an ‘amazing’ industry if they utilised the coconuts from the 11,000-odd palm trees;
  • Warner Street was deemed a ‘disgrace’, the trees should be removed and the street should be re-designed from scratch;
  • Work needs to be done to Rex Smeal Park and it should be ‘cleaned up’.
  • Well known horticulturist John Sullivan was recommended to ‘beautify’ Port Douglas.

Mayor Julia Leu, who attended part of the meeting, said the Mossman Mill was still in the early stages of transitioning into a bio-refinery. She also mentioned the commitment from the Federal Government ($20m) and State Government ($25m) to secure its future.

It was also pointed that current and future attractions augur well for Mossman. Plans are moving ahead with the Mossman Botanical Gardens, Mossman Gorge gets greater visitation than Ayres Rock and a financially stable mill will enhance Mossman’s overall position.

The final Corporate Plan meeting is being held tomorrow at 8.00am at the Port Douglas Community Centre.



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