VIDEO | Slippery stowaway gives family a driving fright


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A Miallo woman has shared a video of the moment a tree snake slithered out from under her bonnet on the drive between Douglas Shire and Cairns.

The video was captured over the weekend when Kelda Wray was on her way to the airport in Cairns.

Ms Wray said she and her family were very surprised to see their reptilian stowaway appear on the front of the car.

“It was about five minutes north of Ellis Beach,” she said. 

“It just appeared from under the bonnet and it was a big shock. All I was thinking was ‘don’t crash, don’t crash.’”

Ms Wray continued to drive with the snake on the front of her car for about a minute before she could find somewhere to safely pull over.

However, when they went searching for the scaled intruder, it had disappeared.

“We ended up pulling over and I flagged down a passing police car,” she said.

“Just as they came over it slid back under the bonnet. We popped the bonnet and they helped me look for it with a torch but we couldn’t see it anywhere.

“The police suggested I just keep driving and told me it couldn’t come back through the air con vents which I was fearing.”

Because the family was headed to the airport, they couldn’t wait too long before getting back on the road.

“I’m not sure if it managed to slip away when we were talking or if it’s still under there.”

* If you come across a snake, call the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas on (07) 4099 3235 who will be able to assist in the removal if staff are available.



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