VIDEO | Vessel blaze leads to sunken boat in Dicksons Inlet



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GONE: The boat that caught fire on Dicksons Inlet has been sent to a watery grave. Image and video: Marine Rescue Port Douglas
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A vessel has been sunk in Dickons Inlet following a fire on board in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Around 4.20am Marine Rescue Port Douglas (MRPD) received a call from the Fire Brigade to assist with accessing a vessel on fire in the inlet.

The Water Police in Cairns and Cairns Harbour Master (MSQ) were informed and a crew was assembled and met representatives of the Port Douglas Fire Brigade at Marano’s Fuel Depot at about 5.10am.

The fire was well advanced by the time emergency services arrived on scene and MRPD spoke to witnesses who said they believed there was no one on the vessel

MRPD assessed the moorings of the blazing boat and decided it didn’t seem to be at risk of drifting into other vessels.

Emergency services monitored the vessel until MSQ representatives from Cairns arrived about 8.30am to contain any pollution from the vessel.

A selection of videos and pictures were taken at regular intervals and at around 9.15am the vessel was sunk.



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