LETTER | The PM, climate change, and rising sea levels


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Dear Editor,

Our Prime Minister did a statesman like job at the Pacific Islands conference this week.

Standing up to our near neighbours including New Zealand with politeness and respect while they the island nations tell us to stop coal mining.

If they take aid, for another name, from other countries, they are taking it from larger coal mining and coal fired power stations nations. Is this a little hypocritical?  

As for sea levels, the average sea level rise is 1/8 inch per year and over the last 100 years the sea level has risen approximately 1.5m.

Most of which was before coal was an issue.

Most of the Islands are volcanic, so are they slowly sinking and not sea levels rising? 

While the Pacific Islanders are telling us to slow carbon emissions, are they limiting population growth which is main problem in world?

Cliff Mitting, Port Douglas

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