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Dear Editor,

My name is Elroy Woods and I am 10 years old. I have lived in the Douglas shire for nine years now, and I love the wildlife, the creeks, the beaches and the crocodiles.

I learnt from when I was five years old that it is not safe to be near the water's edge when fishing and to be croc wise.

I have lived at Bamboo Creek Road for five years, right on Salt Water Creek.

I loved watching Howard the crocodile sunbaking and enjoyed seeing him from the bridge every afternoon.

My friends and other kids in area all know to be croc wise.

I'm very saddened that Howard is being moved away from his home to be killed and I don't understand why a trap is there for Howard.

Nobody swims in this creek ever and he has never been a problem crocodile.

I am writing this because I am very sad about Howard the saltwater crocodile.

Elroy James Woods, Miallo state school

Editor's Notes: 

  • The Department of Environment and Science have not specified that the crocodile would be destroyed when captured. Standard procedure when removing problem crocodiles is to relocate to a farm or zoo.
  • Read the Department's full statement here: 

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