Scientology seminar to help improve communication skills



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Mossman local Ray Ribes and Erica Martin at Mossman market. Image Supplied.
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A free seminar in Mossman hosted by Scientology Volunteer Ministers is aimed at helping people learn new communication skills and techniques.

Volunteer Minister, Erica Martin, said the main goal of the presentation next week is to give people valuable tools to improve their lives.

“My part of it is to help people with day-to-day problems, and provide the help and training that will enable people to be 'in-charge' of their lives,” she said.

“I help people with 'assists' for illness and injury, study problems, how to improve relationships, how to resolve conflicts, and so on.

“One of the seminars I do is on the 'basics of communication'; this knowledge and the skills one gets doing this seminar can be used in any part of one's life.”

Scientology Volunteer Ministers has been in operation since about 1984 providing different perspectives and knowledge to communities across the county and internationally. 

“Our sphere of operations has expanded over the years and so we travel now in more remote areas so that people who are unable to easily get to capital cities have a chance to meet us and use our information to improve their situations,” Ms Martin said.

“I have been in central and far north Queensland on the job since mid-2017.

“Working here as a volunteer has shown me much more of Australia than one ever learns in the southern part of the country and I have found many good friends and a strong willingness to help others.”

Paula Neal, Operations Manager, at the Yarrabah Resource Centre said the seminar was a great help in her professional life.

“I have learned how to handle conflicts in a more sophisticated and positive way,” she said. 

“I would have handled it in another manner, as I was also angry and eager to solve it there and then in a big loud boisterous violent manner.

“This time I didn’t get upset and stayed in control. The Scientology training definitely has good positive outcomes and leaves you in a better position than you was before the training session.”

The seminar in Mossman will be held at the CWA Hall on Tuesday 13 August from 9.00am where Ms Martin will help people improve their Basics of Communication. Morning tea will be provided.

“This is a "hands-on" kind of seminar which gives the key basics of communication in a simple form and gives people the chance to gain skills that will help them improve their communication skills in any area of life,” she said.

“It can even help a person keep their cool when others are trying to upset them.”

To find out more about the seminar or for any other enquiries contact Erica Martin on 0458 631 353

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