60,000 containers a week making a change as shire residents embrace recycling


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Port Douglas Recycling collects up to 60,000 containers a week as the Containers for Change scheme gains popularity. Image: Karlie Brady.

Since its launch late last year, the Containers for Change scheme has continued to grow as Douglas Shire residents have embraced recycling.

The state-wide scheme allows Queenslanders to claim a 10 cent refund when recycling drink containers at registered refund points, which can then be turned into renewable products.

The owner of Port Douglas Recycling, the Port Douglas registered refund point, Stacy Wilkinson, said numbers are climbing every week.

“More and more people are on board. They know where we are and when we’re open, so the numbers are growing in the right direction.

“We started off at around 30-33,000 units each week; we’re now up around 58-60,000 recyclables each week,” said Mr Wilkinson.

He said for those who haven’t participated in the scheme, all they have to do is bring their eligible containers to the depot on Pioneer Close in Craiglie. Staff will then sort them accordingly and they will receive 10c for every item collected.

Mr Wilkinson also requested that cans are not crushed so that they can be identified as eligible, and that all bottle lids are removed.

“We're getting a lot of people bringing in water-logged containers that are left outside. This adds dangers to the workplace and we would prefer them clean and dry. For the most part, most people are doing the right thing,” he said.

Port Douglas Recycling also has charity bins set up at the depot where you can donate your containers to raise money for local community organisations.

“We have one set up for Paws and Claws and on a daily basis we get people dropping in donations,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“It's good to be contributing a little bit back into the local scheme of things.”

Port Douglas Recycling is located at warehouse 13, 7-9 Pioneer Close Craiglie and is
open to the public from 10am to 4pm every day, except Tuesdays.





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