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Far North Training and Consultancy offers a range of different courses including beauty therapy. Image: Karlie Brady.

As we continue our spotlight on education this month, we look at an opportunity for adults to learn and gain new skills without having to leave town.

Far North Training and Consultancy is a Registered Training Organisation [RTO] in the Douglas Shire that offers a variety of courses for adult learning.

Owner Liz Ross said the training facility allows people to locally gain the credentials needed to enter the workforce.

“We have courses in beauty, business administration, hospitality, tourism, and individual support, which many people know as aged care,” she said.

Ms Ross said most of their courses are at certificate III level as that is seen as what's required by the workforce and is subsidised by the state government through the Certificate 3 Guarantee program, making the courses affordable for those who are are eligible.

“We also have courses that are at lower levels like certificate II in salon assistant or higher levels like certificate IV.

“Additionally we offer short courses like First Aid, CPR and Barista training.

“We are up there with about 30 courses and programs on offer,” Ms Ross said.

Far North Training also runs individual learning units that suit the industries of our region, such as snorkelling and diving.

“Our most popular course at the present time would have to be the certificate III in individual support because from that course they can specialise into aged care.

“With the NDIS [National Disability Insurance Scheme] introduced and the fact that we're an aging population, it is a course that's just continuing to grow and is not going away anytime soon.

“Many people think that anybody can care for anyone, but it does take people with special skills and special abilities to do so,” she said.

Ms Ross worked in TAFE facilities for many years and said she really enjoys teaching people and wanted to continue that when she moved to the Far North and opened the facility seven years ago.

“You see how much people appreciate getting the knowledge and the updates of information, and it's enabling them to keep on doing what they're doing.

“I'm really proud of what we've done and we know these people are ready to go into the workplace,” Ms Ross said.

“Having something locally like that, I think is really good.”

Looking into the future, Far North Training and Consultancy are exploring starting up a not-for-profit side of their business.

With the future very much computerised the facility hopes to start short programs that will introduce people with no technological experience, to computers.

“We're looking at little short courses that might offer, how to use your iPad, how to set up your email or how to use digital media,” she said.

Along with this, the facility is also looking at programs that will help individuals look after family members with disabilities.

“Let's empower these people so they can take care of their relatives."

Far North Training and Consultancy is located at 11 Johnston Rd, Mossman. To find out more about what courses are available and how you can enrol visit the facility's website



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