Hope Vale man arrested after assaulting two elderly men



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A Hope Vale man has been arrested after he damaged property and physically assaulted two elderly men early on Monday morning.

Police allege the man began his trail of destruction by damaging three cars parked on Hope and Boundary Streets in Cooktown at about 1.30 and 3.00am.

Police claim the man then broke into a hotel on Charlotte Street at about 2.40am where he woke a 66-year-old male employee.

The employee found the man hiding in the bar area of he hotel and told the man to leave while directing him to an exit. 

It was then police allege the intruder punched the employee in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to collapse.

Luckily, the victim did not sustain any serious injury and the intruder left the hotel.

A short time later, the man broke into the premises again and threatened the man a second time before leaving the area.

Then, at about 3.30am, the man assaulted a 64-year-old man who was walking along Charlotte Street.

Police allege the man made threats to the innocent pedestrian before punching him in the ribs and hitting him with a tree branch. 

The victim managed to escape, run back to his car, and immediately reported the assault to Cooktown Police.

After a brief investigation, the 29-year-old Hope Vale man was arrested and taken into custody yesterday morning.

He was charged with a total of 10 offences and has been remanded to reappear in the Cooktown Magistrates Court on 8 February.



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