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Queenslanders are being encouraged to contribute to the discussion on what the future will mean for jobs in Queensland.

Through the new Jobs Queensland’s discussion paper, Minister for Training and Skills Development Shannon Fentiman, wants to gauge where work is going for Queensland.

Titled “the Future of Work in 2030 – Evolution or revolution?” the discussion paper aims to understand how skills and jobs will change in the future.

“We know the future of work in our growing state is changing rapidly and we need to start planning now so that we have the Queenslanders with the right skills and digital capabilities for the jobs of the future,” Ms Fentiman said.

“The discussion paper explores how key drivers of change across society are influencing work, the structure of employment and how we educate, train and skill people.”

“The rise in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence is generating a significant amount of public discussion and debate about the future of work.”

Ms Fentiman said as the workforce continues to grow, it’s important for the government to now where to invest in skills and training to “future-proof” Queenslanders for tomorrow’s job market.

“It is vital we look at what is actually happening in Queensland in detail, so we can consider and discuss the key opportunities and implications presented by these changes in an informed way,” she said. 

Jobs Queensland Chair Professor Peter Coaldrake said the discussion paper is an extension of ongoing research to understand future employment.

“Jobs Queensland has undertaken an extensive review of national and international literature to consider the key drivers shaping the future of work in Queensland,” he said.

“We know technology is transforming the economy and how business is done.”

Written submissions to discussion paper close on 15 March 2019.

To access “the Future of Work in 2030 – Evolution or revolution?” and the supporting Literature Review, and to find out more about the supporting consultation activities, visit the Jobs Queensland website.



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