Julia Leu to run for a third term



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Julia Leu has confirmed she will run in the March 2020 Douglas Shire Council elections. IMAGE Newsport
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Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu will be seeking a third term after she announced her intention to re-contest her position in the March 2020 Local Government election.

Mayor Leu, who was first elected mayor in 2013 following the de-amalgamation from Cairns Regional Council, was re-elected in 2016 for a four-year term.

Mayor Leu made this announcement last month on FAB FM to Paul Makin, eliminating any rumours regarding her future.

“People have been asking me whether I intend to run again, and at this stage, I intend to do so. There is no point beating about the bush and being coy about the matter.

“There are still a lot of things I want to continue to do as mayor and we still have a lot of time to achieve what we have set out to do,” said Mayor Leu.

She also alluded to the upcoming Federal election – expected to be called for May this year – which would take precedence over local government elections. The build up to the Douglas Shire elections, which involve public debates and campaigns, invariably heats up within a few months shy of the March date.

Mayor Leu said in the FAB FM interview that the shire is in a great place.

“We are in an excellent position right now. Our financial sustainability plan is on track; and we’ve had a number of wins on the back of hard work: securing the future of the Mossman Mill; the aged care facility, which we’ve done everything to ensure it goes ahead; and the re-development of the Marina. We are expecting a fresh Development Application from Crystalbrook Collection in the first quarter.

“These are among some of the positives,” she said.

Meanwhile, sitting Councillor Roy Zammataro has announced he will be re-contesting his seat and Tin Shed Manager Kim Rowley has already indicated his intention to run for one of the four councillor positions.


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