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FRESH FACE: Michelle Lyons has been welcomed to the role of acting principal at Mossman State High School. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

Mossman State High School welcomed a fresh face to the top job at the beginning of this school year.

Michelle Lyons has taken on the role of Acting Principal, with a vision to take on the role permanently, following the departure of retired principal Deborah Kachel at the end of 2018.

Ms Lyons has been working in education for about 20 years and is excited by the prospect of bringing new ideas and new direction to Mossman High School.

For the last three and half years she held the deputy principal role at North Rockhampton State High School, in which she said she learnt a lot about leadership and progressive outcomes.

“It’s about making a difference for me,” she said.

“I’m a big believer that students are our future and schooling is about ensuring we provide the best for each child, that sits at the root of why I went into education in the first place, to make a difference.”

She has moved to Mossman with her husband and said living in the tropics is a world away from the dry and dusty Rockhampton; she couldn’t be happier with the move.

“We are living locally and we are loving the greenery and the rain,” she said.

“We are loving the freshness and everyone is so friendly; we have some beautiful areas to visit so we have been playing tourist and getting to know the region.

“My first impression, of the town and the school, has been seeing how well everyone is working together, from the students and staff, everyone has welcomed me here and been very friendly.”

Although Ms Lyons is aware of the recent trouble at the school when a video of a fight between students went viral last year, she is not focusing on past events and is instead looking to the future.

“There certainly have been difficult times in the school in the past but that has been dealt with and as a result there is already a shift in culture,” she said.

“We are going to be proactive in making community and parental links and putting things in place so outside influences aren’t impacting the school in a big way.

“My work this year will be focused on engagement and areas of learning to increase that engagement.

“It’s all about engaging with the community, building relationships with community groups, showcasing great work and being flexible in what we do to provide success for staff and students to get the best outcomes.”

Ms Lyons acknowledged she has taken on a lot of work with this role but said her approach to the needs of staff and students will continue to evolve and react to needs as they arise.

“When someone has been in a school for a long time retires, it’s always good to have a new set of eyes with lots of questions and listening,” she said.

“From there, my methods, ideas, and directions will evolve to cater for the areas where the greatest need is.”



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