Mocka’s boss says you can’t go pastie on a Port Douglas holiday


Karlie Brady


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Mocka's Owner Nigel Quinn said Mocka's Pies and Bakehouse offer a huge array of goodies all year round. Image: Karlie Brady.
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Port Douglas business owners are calling for visitors to return to the region with one simple message; we are open for business.

It’s been a quieter than usual February, largely due to reports of widespread flooding in Townsville and Western Queensland, giving the wrong impression that the entire Far North is underwater and out of action.

Locals are keen to change this perception and show tourists that the wet season is not a time to shy away from the North.

One such local is the owner of the 50-year-old Port Douglas institution, Mocka’s Pies and Bakehouse, Nigel Quinn, who said the wet season is beautiful and a great time to visit.

“The town is not bursting so your prices are good, restaurants are keen to have customers, everyone's eager to please and everyone goes the extra mile this time of year,” he said.

Mr Quinn said that Mocka’s Pies, like many Port Douglas businesses, runs at full operation all year round.

“We don't reduce what we’re offering this time of year, we actually in a way increase because it's summer and it's hot, so we're offering things that are more suitable for people that are feeling the heat,” he said.

“So smoothies, fruit salads, and summer items are added into our repertoire.”

He added that Port Douglas at this time of years offers tourists a different experience to the dry season, such as how the spectacular local swimming holes are refreshed after a good rain.

“It's a time of year where you retreat to the creeks.

“With the rain coming through, the creeks and rivers have been flushed out so they’re clean, they’re nice and cool, and there are no crowds,” he said.

The national award winning Mocka’s Pies said they are open for business and will continue doing what they do best, which is creating prize-winning pies.

“We now look forward to entering the Great Aussie pie competition in September.”


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