Mossman man charged with drug offences



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Police searched a Miallo property yesterday, seizing drug Paraphernalia. Image: Newsport.

A 53-year-old man has been charged following a search of his Miallo property on Sunday afternoon.

Detectives from Mossman CIB executed a search warrant at the O’Donoghue Road property at around 5pm on Sunday.

It will be alleged that a small hydroponic system was located inside a house at the property with several cannabis seedings being grown.

Further cannabis plants were allegedly located at the rear of the property and a second larger hydroponic growing system was located inside a nearby shipping container. A search of an adjoining shed also allegedly located a quantity of dried cannabis in a bin. The cannabis and growing equipment were seized.

The man was issued with a notice to appear in the Mossman Magistrates Court next month. He is expected to face charges of producing a dangerous drug, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of things used in the commission of a crime and possession of a drug utensil.



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