Mossman Mill still waits for promised State and Federal funding


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Cynthia Lui challenges the Federal Government to release their promised funding of $20 million

The state government member for Cook, Cynthia Lui, today challenged the Federal Government to release their promised funding of $20 million which, along with the state government’s contribution of $25 million, would secure the future of the Mossman Mill.

“Warren Entsch (the Federal Member for Leichhardt) keeps changing the goalposts and scrambling for more excuses why the Federal Government can’t keep up their end of the bargain.

“A deal is a deal,” said Ms Lui.

Far Northern Milling, which was formed by Mossman Canegrowers, Tableland Canegrowers and Australian Cane Farmers Association, is waiting on federal ($20m) and state ($25m) government funding which will not only secure the mill’s future, but allow them to meet the terms of their ‘conditional’ purchase of the mill from Mackay Sugar, who acquired it in 2012 for $25m.

Conditions include due diligence, finance, cane supply and environmental conditions.

“The deal has always been, and remains, that the Federal Government has committed $20 million to the ongoing operating costs of Mossman Mill.

“Our government has committed to investing in the long-term future of the Mill with a $25 million package towards the establishment of a bio-refinery plus related engineering studies and executive support."

“The Federal Government releasing their funding is the first step to securing the future of the mill. Our government is ready to uphold our promise to the Mossman community - what is stopping the Federal Government from doing the same?” questioned Ms Lui.

Newsport has reported that neither levels of government have provided any indication when they will release the funds. The state government said they would do so when the federal government met their commitment.

The only other revenue source is from Douglas Shire Council who committed $250,000 to help Far Northern Milling cover costs of acquiring the mill.



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