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MANAGING BUSINESS: As the new General Manager at Ramada Resort, Nigel Warwick is looking to improve on an already successful business. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

Ramada Resort’s new General Manager has assured would-be patrons that the tropical coast is open for business and the perfect destination to visit any time.

Nigel Warwick is the new man in charge at Ramada and he said travellers should take the chance to visit the region year-round. 

“The key thing is, yes, we are in the tropics and we occasionally get storms, but it’s not as bad as many in the media make it out to be,” he said. 

“People see vision of reporters standing in burst streams and think the whole of Queensland is underwater but that is just not the case. 

“For example, we are in full action at Ramada and even after we had major storms a while ago, I walked around the resort and it seemed like it didn’t even happen.” 

Mr Warwick took over as General Manager at Ramada almost two weeks ago and comes to the role with 20 years of hotel experience. 

Originally from England, where he began an apprenticeship in boiler making, he first travelled to Australia and to Port Douglas in 1991 as a backpacker.

After going back to the UK for a little while, he returned to Australia and started his career working in the hotel and hospitality industry.

It was during his time working for a hotel loyalty program based in Sydney almost 20 years ago that Mr Warwick spent three months working in Port Douglas.

He said the experience of staying here all those years ago was one of the deciding factors for taking on the job at Ramada.

“When I first came here I thought the place was absolutely idyllic,” he said.

“I arrived in middle of winter and I thought it was just amazing and so beautiful and I loved the time I spent working up here.

“The love I felt for the place then has come back and while some things have changed, the town still has the same feel.” 

He said when the opportunity arose for him to live and work in the Port Douglas area, he jumped on it straight away.

“When you get a new opportunity and a new place to work, you weigh it up but it didn’t take much thinking about; given the location it was a no brainer,” he said.

Mr Warick said he’s not planning to make huge changes to the resort but rather improve on the bones that are already there.

“It’s a great spot and I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel but build on a great foundation and keep what people love about it,” he said.

“We’ll be focusing on improving service and listening to our guests to deliver what they really want for their holiday.”

Managed by Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, Ramada Resort is a mixed-use property that offers resort accommodation to the general public and timeshare apartments available to more than 58,000 vacation owners.



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