Nominations open for Wet Tropics protection awards



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Nominations are open for 2019 Cassowary awards to recognise outstanding work in protecting and preserving the the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Nominations are open to groups, individuals, and organisations until 18 March with the winner announced 15 June 2019.

Run by the Wet Tropics Management Authority, the awards recognise contributions in nine categories: 

  • Tourism and Presentation
  • Innovation
  • Education
  • People. Country. Culture. Award
  • Community Champions
  • Local Government and Industry Initiatives
  • Climate Change Leadership
  • Young Cassowary Award
  • Thorsborne Award for Community Conservation and Rehabilitation

Wet Tropics Management Authority Chair, Leslie Shirreffs, said the awards are a great way of acknowledging the passions and skills people apply to protecting the Wet Tropics.

This year a new award is being introduced that recognises work in protecting the wet tropics form the ever growing threat of climate change.

‘The new Cassowary Award for Climate Change Leadership recognises the growing importance of research and on-ground action to deal with the impacts of climate change on the Area,’ she said.

“We are seeking nominations from across the community—including innovators, educators, young people and Rainforest Aboriginal People—so we can celebrate the integral work of these local champions.

“Each year’s field of nominees is full of passionate and dedicated local people making meaningful contributions to ensure that the Area is managed for today, as well as for future generations.

“If you know someone whose work in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area inspires you—please nominate them for a Cassowary Award.”

Nominations are to be submit via the Wet Tropics Management Authority website.



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