Police take anti-drugs fight to the waterways



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Queensland Police are set to begin a trial of on-water drug testing to catch people who take to the water and control a vessel under the influence.

The six-month trial will be the first time Water Police will be able to drug test people on the water independent of joint operations with Road Police.

Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services, Mark Ryan, said the trial will enable police to keep people safe on Queensland’s waterways. 

“This improved capacity for police to target drug drivers of vessels will allow them to remove these threats to public safety from our waterways.

“Ultimately, it is the aim for every water police unit across the state to have a Draeger DrugTest 5000 and relevant water police officers trained in its use.”

To date, two Draeger Drug Test 5000 instruments have been purchased for Water Police, and the QPS is in the process of purchasing a third instrument.

Currently, 16 Water Police officers across the state have been trained to use the drug testing equipment and during the trial, the instruments will be shared between water police stations at Thursday Island, Cairns, Townsville, Whitsunday, Yeppoon and Brisbane.



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