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OPEN: Devra King from Whileaway Bookshop and Cafe in Port Douglas said people should not be worried about visiting the Far North of Queensland in the wet season. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

A number of Port Douglas businesses have taken a hit as the coverage of the Townsville floods paints the whole of Northern Queensland as a water-logged wasteland.

Guests have cancelled stays and businesses are suffering as interstate and overseas travellers cancel plans for fear of flooding.

However, cafés, accommodation businesses, and tour operators are spruiking the virtues of the Far North in wet season to dispel the negative perception of the region

Townsville has seen more than 1300mm of rain since the start of the year whereas Port Douglas has received 670mm for the same period.

Further, the region from Cairns to Port Douglas and Daintree is naturally equipped to dispel excessive rainwater so when the region does flood, it doesn’t flood for long. 


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Owner of Whileaway Bookshop and Café, Devra King, said she has had people from Sydney and Melbourne calling her to find out if it safe to travel to the area.

“They have been calling to ask what the situation is like which they don’t normally do; it’s due to all the bad publicity,” she said.

She said people who have holidays booked or are looking at traveling to the Far North should not be deterred by the floods in Townsville and other areas.

“It’s business as usual for us at the moment,” Ms King said.

“There has been a bit of rain but the roads are back to normal and businesses are back to normal.

“Don’t look at what is happening in Townsville, we are a long, long way from Townsville.”

Owner of Garrick House, Olivia Spence, said her business has also been impacted by the impression created by the flood coverage. 

“We have had a few people cancel, unfortunately, who have cancelled cold rather than getting in touch to find out if we are operating,” she said.

Ms Spence said people need to know that it’s worth traveling to the wet tropics region during this time of the year with some rain around.

“We wouldn’t have the amazing landscape we have if we didn’t get a decent amount of rain and that comes at this time of year but we are used to it,” she said.

“At this time of year the rainforest is fantastic, the waterfalls are in full flow, so there is no reason not to come.

“In fact, there are probably more reasons to come than not to come; there is no need to pre-book things because it’s nice and quiet.” 

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