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TOP TIER: Patrick Graham and Darren Garner's restaurant, Chapter One, takes out huge prize for second time. Image: Victoria Stone-Meadows.

A Port Douglas restaurant has been recognised as one of the best in the country for a second time with Chapter One receiving another Australian Good Food Guide Award.

The venue was awarded a score of 13 out of 20 by mystery diners in the 2019 Australian Good Food Guide (AGFG) Chef Hat Awards.

They received their first AGFG Award just weeks after they opened in November 2017. 

Only three restaurants in the country receive a score of 19 out of 20 with a score of 20 considered impossible. 

The AGFG is the longest running restaurant guide in the country and restaurants can only be listed once visited by secret inspectors.

Darren Garner, owner of Chapter One, said it was an honour receiving an Australian Good Food Guide Award.

“The top restaurants in the country score a 19 and there are only three of them so it’s awesome to get 13,” he said.

“If you look at the caliber of what we are equal with nation-wide, it’s amazing to sit in that field of restaurants."


Executive Chef, Patrick Graham, said he is glad to get the award but won’t let it go to his head.

“I have never been one for chasing wards and accolades; I just make good food for people, that’s what I have always strived to do,” he said.

The Chapter One restaurant is located at the Niramaya Resort and is open to the public seven days a week.





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