Trinity Beach shoppers left Wonder White after rare encounter



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The Cairns Snake Catcher called to relocate a grumpy brown tree snake. IMAGE: Facebook

The recent floods in Townsville have been likened to a once-in-a-lifetime event, changed many lives forever and equally affected the lives of residents in many surrounding regions.

Maybe none more than the shoppers who first noticed the little brown tree snake hanging out in the bread section of their Trinity Beach store.

A Cairns snake catcher uploaded the image on social media yesterday after being called out to the store posting "Trinity Beach shoppers weren't seeing or feeling Tip Top when they encountered some early morning attitude from this grumpy customer."

Supermarkets in the Far North Queensland were hit hard with many deliveries temporarily cut off north of Townsville.

Port Douglas has experienced one of its wetter seasons and although we did not weather the deluge dealt to Townsville, we supported our southern neighbours as best we could and remained patient when the food transportation was halted, which impacted our three major supermarkets.

IGA Port Douglas manager, Simon Fraser, was upbeat today when he reviewed his store which showed most shelves and fridges packed to capacity.

“We’ve been low in some of the produce, but overall we’ve managed well during this period when the transportation was halted,” he said.

“I have also planned for the future. I’ve watched the weather forecasts and if there is a chance of dramatic weather, I’ve ordered extra to keep me going. I guess you can say I’ve been strategic in my planning.”



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