Cattle washed out to sea from Daintree floods



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This image of a cow in the waves off Wonga Beach North Queensland has gone viral on Social Media. IMAGE: Ashton Davenport Facebook

The past 24 hours of heavy rainfall has not only played havoc on residents and their properties, but the latest victims are cows who have reportedly been washing up on Wonga Beach and other beaches in the Daintree.

And in using his Facebook page, local Mark Hober has jumped at the opportunity to assist anyone with their cattle. “Beach mustering, looking for your cattle, message me.”



Wonga Beach resident, Ashton Davenport, said he spotted the cows around 11.15am today and posted a photo on Facebook.

“We were quite surprised to find the first three lying on the dunes then we saw the poor cow that was slowly making its way to the shore, and as we got closer to it we seen the fifth one further up the beach,” he told the Cairns Post.

“We got all five into a herd and mustered them up the beach till they stopped and split up and ran into the bush, which we then couldn’t find them again.”



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