Eight passengers in two car smash on Cook Highway


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A two-car collision on the Captain Cook Highway near Ellis Beach is causing headaches for commuters trying to drive to and from the Douglas Region. 

The department of transport main roads has issued a warning that both lanes of the road are blocked and drivers are advised to avoid the area for the time being. 

An Ambulance Queensland spokesperson said paramedics were called to the scene at about 4.30pm today. 

They discovered two cars carrying a total of eight passengers was involved in the crash, six of which have since been transported to Cairns Hospital in stable conditions. 

All eight people involved in the crash were assessed by paramedics at the scene and no serious injuries were recorded at the scene. 

All except two of the passengers sustained some form of injury, including:

  • A male in his 70s suffering from abdominal and chest pain
  • A female in her 40s suffering from arm pain
  • A female in her 70s suffering from abdominal and chest pain
  • A male in his late-teens suffering from a facial injury
  • A female in her 20s suffering from a seat belt-related injury
  • A male in his 20s suffering from knee and hand pain 

A male in his 50s and a male in his mid-teens were found to be uninjured. 



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