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The Daintree Ferry priority ticket booth pictured floating in flood waters. IMAGE: Supplied

As the Daintree Ferry remains closed following record-breaking major flooding in the Daintree River, a record was achieved when the Daintree River at Daintree Village reached 12.60 metres overnight – eclipsing the 1901 record flood height of 12.40 metres.

Rainfalls totalling 250-425 mm have been recorded in the catchment since 9:00am on Saturday and showers are expected today (Sunday) but further heavy rainfall is not likely.

According to a Council spokesperson, landlines and mobile phones are not working due to a failure of the telecommunication exchange in Daintree.

“The service provider is trying to identify the fault, however, the area remains inaccessible at the moment.”

Council also advised:
• Mossman River levels reached above those recorded in March 2018
• Foxton Bridge, north of Mossman, is open
• The Captain Cook Highway to Cairns is open, but motorists are being advised to drive with extreme caution
• Council crews will assess road conditions today and re-open when it is deemed safe to do so.

Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu said people are encouraged to limit their driving to essential travel only and take extreme caution when travelling on roads in Douglas Shire today.

“Our region has received significant rainfall in the past 48 hours and many roads remain cut due to flooding.

“The Daintree River broke a 117-year-old record when the major flood level reached 12.6m over night,” she said.

Leu said Douglas Shire Council crews are clearing roads, assessing damage and responding to requests when they can.

“The Daintree Ferry contractors are working hard to get the ferry back open.

“Daintree Village remains inaccessible with phone service currently down and several power outages, but service providers are working hard to get access to these issues,” she said.

Council has thanked everyone for their patience as there are many road closures across the shire.

The Daintree Ferry was closed yesterday due to the flooding in the Daintree River.

Water had reportedly reached up to Forest Creek Rd on the northern side and the ferry was inaccessible.

The ferry operators have secured the vessel, are monitoring the situation and will advise when operations can start again.



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