Crocs in hard-fought win against South Cairns Cutters


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The Crocs had a hard fought win over the South Cairns Cutters in a top-of-the-ladder clash over the weekend.

Both teams went into the game undefeated but it was the Crocs in the end walked away from Fretwell Park victorious.

It was a close match with the Crocs trailing by a goal at half time then fighting to kick three the third quarter to lead by a few points at three-quarter time.

The, in classic Crocs style, the boys kicked six goals is the last term to walk away with a 28 point win.

Crocs Football Operations Manager, Jim Buckley, said the contest was as tough as they thought it would be going in. 

“It was physical, man on man, and a really good contest,” he said.

“It’s what we’ve been lacking and what the competition has been lacking, the crowd was certainly entertained and credit to our boys, the opposition was quality,” he said.

“It was very hard to pick between the two sides who had a batter day, it was very hard fought, and the boys were bruised and sore after”

Brett Mckeown in the middle had a great day out; Tom Goodall at the back and Daniel Moore in the center both played hard and were assets to the team; and Wes Glass held the backline together well.

“A lot of our players were tested and responded positively,” Buckley said.

This weekend the Crocs are celebrating 30 years by taking on the Trinity Beach Bulldogs at home in the croc pit.

The team will also be dunking people in a bath of ice water as part of the AFL’s Fight MND “Big Freeze” fundraiser.

Port Douglas: 17.9-111
Cairns City Lions: 12.11-83

Goal Kickers: A. Gross 4, G. Jacks 3, T. Higgins 3, K. Bradshaw 2, W. Pavitt, M. Carroll, B. Meredith, A. Boone, J. Lea
Best Players: B. McKeown, T. Goodall, D. Moore, W. Glass, B. Meredith, T. Higgins

Goal Kickers: D. Lock 5, J. Barnett 3, P. Smith 2, I. Ketchen, J. Dixon
Best Players: D. Lock, I. Ketchen, J. Barnett, J. Greene, A. Rogers, J. Panopoulos

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