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Dear Editor,

Reading the article in Newsport regarding the Ironman Event, I offer the following comments:

"However, Mr Staling said IRONMAN Oceania have not received any negative feedback on the new course alignment. "

Clearly Mr. Stalling lives in a bubble. Before, during and after the Ironman there has been a great deal of negativity expressed from the Daintree to Wangetti.

I used to be a supporter of the Ironman. Would still like to be. I used to believe that the event would bring focus and attention not only to Cairns but also to the Douglas Shire. 

This year I made an effort to review the marketing content of the event. I failed to see one ad or event banner displaying Port Douglas or the Douglas Shire as a major player in the event (yes, the map displayed the roundabout in Port – big deal).

The marketing focus was entirely on Cairns. As an example, look at the finish line banner. Anyone see Port or the Douglas Shire mentioned? Nope. Just Cairns is proudly displayed in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

With so many businesses in our shire closing early or not opening at all it has caused not only retail stores but accommodation and support services business i.e. loss of income.

I understand it is only one day a year but I would strongly suggest that the DSC Councillors, as a unified group, voice their displeasure in the lack of Shire exposure. Go public. Gain media exposure.

I further suggest that if the Shire is to experience costly closures from Port to Cairns then Port or the Douglas Shire should be a part of the banners and advertisements. Otherwise, the council should contest the Ironman event taking place in our shire.

Richard Lavender, Oak Beach

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